Hello and Welcome

As we all know the world and how we live in it are changing, none more so than here in the UK and especially London where i am based. With everywhere becoming more expensive and peoples’ needs to move about more for work, family or schools etc., this means our homes are often rented, leased or temporary. This blogg is about precisely this, and to show that although we have become more nomadic in existence we can still have the loves and comforts of our homes and gardens about us and move them when we move. Therefore, not incurring costs unnecessarily, and not being able to watch plants establish and grow, fruit or flower as we have moved. 

What is nice, is the ability to then create an instant home and garden when we move, even if the spaces we have are larger, smaller, differing shapes, sizes or transformed from another use i.e. a roof terrace or balcony or even an alleyway.

I hope you will follow me on my travels to see what has inspired me and my family and friends in creating a home and garden while having to relocate to differing places to work etc.

By the way my name is Stuart Shield i am 47 and am a Garden Designer from South East London where i have made a home for myself (yet again) with my partner Mark and our little dog Stella oops and not to forget Tortosa the tortoise.

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