Cinematic Ignorance: A ROOM WITH A VIEW (1985)

Amazing film beautifully shot

So Much Yelling

Denholm Elliot A Room With A View

Would you be surprised to learn that Devon, especially a young Devon, was not well-versed in Costume Dramas?  That is. Until. He viewed A Room With A View in his room.

Devon:  So, I want to give A Room WIth A View a big credit that I can’t give a lot of period pieces.

Cecily:  Is it ‘exposed scrotum’ credit?

Devon:  And that is the fact that I wasn’t distracted by how they must have smelled.

Cecily:  Well, they did live after the invention of modern plumbing.

Devon:  You know as well as I do that those people still smelled pretty bad.

Cecily:  No one wants to handwash a corset, then or now.

Devon:  I also liked how stylized it was, in that it kept all these aspects of a stage play. It had the sort of thing that would be in a…

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