People : Tom Stuart-Smith, Garden Designer & Landscape Architect, Much More Than Oudolfs Sidekick …

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Tom Stuart-Smith (born 1960) is an English landscape architect, garden designer and writer. He specialises in making gardens that combine naturalism and modernity.


After working with Hal Moggridge and Elizabeth Banks Tom established his own landscape design business in 1998. Since 1984, Tom has designed a number of large private and public gardens in the English countryside as well as smaller inner city gardens, and numerous overseas projects throughout Europe, India, USA and Caribbean. His most notable work includes Broughton Grange (commissioned by Stephen Hester) in Oxfordshire, Mount St John in Yorkshire, Fort Belvedere in Windsor Great Park and a new garden at Windsor Castle which was commissioned by the Royal Household to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Tom was also involved with landscape designer Piet Oudolf in creating a Landscape Masterplan at Trentham Gardens and the recasting of its Italian garden. More recent work includes the two hectare garden around the Bicentenary Glasshouse at Wisley for the Royal Horticultural Society which was opened to the public by The Queen in June 2007. In 2013 Tom worked with Factum Arte to create a unique brass sculpture of an Ilex crenata tree for The Garden of Illusion at The Connaught. Recently, he was also commissioned to create the Keeper’s House Garden at the Royal Academy of Arts. Tom has designed eight Gold Medal winning gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show, with three being awarded best in show. An exhibition on his work, the first about a living garden designer in the UK, was held at the Garden Museum in London in 2011. He has also lectured in the UK and USA. Tom is a member of the Society of Garden Designers and the Landscape Institute

Early Life & Education

Tom was brought up in Hertfordshire on the Serge Hill estate. Four generations of Tom’s family have lived at Serge Hill since his grandfather bought the estate in 1927. After a degree in Zoology at the University of Cambridge he went on to study at Manchester University in 1982 to develop his research interests in landscape architecture and design. In 1986 Tom renovated a dilapidated barn and its surrounding fields into his new home, creating The Barn Garden at Serge Hill. In the summer of 2013, the first ever Festival of Garden Literature in the UK was held at The Barn Garden.


Tom has written articles for the Financial Times, Guardian and Telegraph on the subject of gardening and landscape design.

In 2011 Tom co-wrote and published a book titled ‘The Barn Garden

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