RHS Chelsea 2015 Designers : Zamelia Bin Zaal

Beauty-of-Islam_V0P0067 Beauty-of-Islam_V0P0078_940x627 Beauty-of-Islam_V0P0089_940x627 Beauty-of-Islam_V0P0100_940x627 Kamelia Sketch Islam

The Beauty of Islam is a garden designed to be a sanctuary in which to both relax and feel inspired. This garden is an RHS Chelsea Flower Show debut for Bin Zaal and Al Barari. The garden will give visitors the opportunity to explore the relationship between humankind and the earth, which is prominent in Islamic Culture. Planting and hard landscape patterns reflect those found within Islam. The poetry, calligraphy and textures within the garden reflect both the beauty of Arabic and Islamic cultures. A sculpture within the garden also represents Islamic art.

Four walls act as dividers within the garden, creating different rooms and enhancing the garden’s element of discovery with water flowing throughout. The wide variety of plants within the garden, including jasmine, rosemary and papyrus, represents the spread of Islam and Arab culture and the growth of the Arab empire through trade, most notably the Spice Route. The garden is Kamelia’s first show garden at Chelsea.


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